Custom Garage Doors

Choosing the best custom garage doors.

A good garage means a lot to you, your clients, your business, and your customers.

Of course, the main purpose of the door will be to keep the garage secure.

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Our technician replace broken and bent garage door panels.

But did you know that your garage door goes to the extent of appealing to your potential customers?

Well, hope that’s not new to you.

When selecting a garage door, also have in mind that you are creating a brand image for your garage.

For this, always ensure that you look at the bigger image of your entire business as much as you want a reliable and secure door.

In this article, we look at factors to consider when buying a garage door, custom garage door types and these will help you as you select and purchase the right door for your garage.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Garage Door

Well, you have set up a new garage, and you need an excellent customized door, or you need to replace the existing one, right?

DIY garage door maintenance
How to fix a garage door track by yourself. Call your garage door company in Raleigh

Then you need to know how to go about the purchase.

What should you look at to ensure you get the best?

Let’s get our minds rolling now;

  • Security

The sole reason why you need to install or change a garage door is security.

Think and go for doors with specialized security systems like the rolling code technology.

The system makes the security code change whenever the door remote is used.

  • Safety

Think about a busy garage and mind the safety of the kids and pets around.

For this, you need to install a door with sensors for safety that enables it to detect people or objects.

  • Material used

Custom garage doors are made of different materials.

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These include composite wood, aluminium, chrome, and glass.

You should think about the material depending on the level of security and appeal needed.

  • Cost

The cost of the custom garage door should also be a factor to consider.

Do not choose a design that will strain you to the extent of stretching your financial ability.

Go for an affordable custom garage door.

Having looked at some of the things to look at before ordering a custom garage door, we can now think of the types of garage doors that exist.

Types of Garage Doors

There exist different types of garage doors that you need to be aware of before initiating a purchase.

While each type offers something unique, I’m sure you will have a preference.

Below are the types;

Sectional garage door

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Using a garage door opener remote to roll the door up and down. A 3-button garage opener remote

This custom door is made of panel sections linked with hinges.

During the opening and the closing, edge wheels on every panel roll within a vertical track on either side of the opening door.

This door rests parallel to your ceiling once it is open.

The door is made of steel hence less demanding when it comes to maintenance.

Roll-up custom garage door

This is a steel door that serves best in areas where there is limited space on the ceiling.

When opened, the door rolls up around a drum slightly above the opening of the door.

This is the best door for exemplary performance and heavy usage as it does not operate on springs, which might continuously need repairs and replacements.

Side-hinged door

This is a conventional but still classic design of a door.

It is hinged on one side of the garage doorway, and once opened, it rests on one of the sides.

Garage Door Opener Installation in Raleigh
Installing a garage door opener for a commercial premises. Our technician attaches the door to the opener

Mostly, these are either made of wood or aluminum.

This is one of the most preferred doors, especially for those garages with restricted headroom.

When installing custom side hinged garage doors, think about automation with conversion arms.

Canopy garage door

Just like the side-hinged garage door, the canopy garage door does not have sections.

It is made of one compact piece of material that is held on the upper part of the garage, opening through a hinge.

When the door is open, the canopy door sits parallel to the ceiling of your garage and might protrude on the front side.

Custom garage doors are made of different materials, and the choice depends on many factors.

Some include cost, security, convenience, safety, and security.

The good thing is that you can choose from already made designs or order for a customized design depending on your preferences.