DIY Garage Door Maintenance

DIY Garage Door Maintenance

If you move around your neighborhood, you will find most houses, if not all, with a parking space and a garage.

Yet, most people neglect their garage door as if they are not an essential part of the house.

Garage Door Opener Wall-Keypad Switch
A technician uses a garage door keypad wall-switch when the garage door opener remote won’t work.

Garage doors should be given the same amount of attention as your car since you use both of them every day.

With prolonged use, the doors can become rusty.

A rusty and loose door can do severe damage if they fall on someone.

A well-maintained garage door will last longer and save you money on repairs.

Below are some helpful tips for garage door maintenance.

Check out the door rollers

Lubricate A Squeaky Garage Door
Tune ups and maintenance will keep your door as good as new.

Is your garage door cranky and need excessive force just to lift the door?

If you replied to the affirmative, then it is about time you check the door rollers.

On the side of your doors are rollers that help the door move up and down.

Over time, the rollers wear out due to the friction making their edges crack.

If the rollers are not severely damaged, then you can lubricate them.

Most rollers can last up to ten years with proper garage door maintenance.


Loose bolts

The garage door moves up and down several times a year, and that can make the bolts loose.

DIY garage door maintenance
How to fix a garage door track by yourself. Call your garage door company in Raleigh

A loose door makes loud noises as the door goes down.

Tighten the loose nuts and bolts on either side of the garage door with a wrench.

Then test the garage door to see if it will open and close without making noise.

Clean tracks

You can clean your door tracks with water and a sponge.

Cleaning will help get rid of debris that causes the door to jam when you are trying to move it up or down.

The door tracks should not be lubricated since this will make them collect more debris.

Stubborn debris can be lodged out by using a vacuum with a hose extension.

Garage door balance

Garage Door Opener Installation in Raleigh
Installing a garage door opener for a commercial premises. Our technician attaches the door to the opener

If the garage door looks slanted when you close it or takes longer to open, then the door is unbalanced.

In many cases, the door will not open. If that is the case, try adjusting the door springs of your garage door.


To lessen the stress on rollers and door openers, you need to apply a good general purpose lubricant.

The lubricant will ensure a prolonged life to the moving parts and help the garage door to move smoothly.

Lithium grease –which is available in a spray is one of the high-quality lubricants in the market.

Wipe all the rollers and hinges with a damp cloth before spraying the grease on them.

It would be best if you never lubricated the belt drive opener.

The weatherstripping.

At least twice every year, you should check out the weather stripping on the bottom of the door.

Weatherstripping helps in keeping dirt and dust as well as water out.

If the stripping is worn out, then you can replace it.

You can get it at a hardware store near you.

Cables and pulleys

Cables and pulleys aid the springs to move the door up and down.

Garage Door Opener Repair services
Repair a garage door opener that does not roll the door up and down. Our technician replaces a door opener arm.

We have extension and torsion springs.

Extension springs run horizontally on each door track, while torsion springs lie above the door opening.

They both need the cables for the door to lift.

The pulleys can be replaced to prevent the cables from wearing out.

When replacing the pulleys, you might as well replace your extension springs.

A door with new pulleys should be able to operate smoothly.

Clean garage door

Whether your garage door is steel, glass, or wooden, a good scrubbing is needed.

Wooden doors can be damaged by water if the weatherstripping at the bottom is worn out.

It can get chipped, and the paint may peel.

Remote Garage Door
Efficient garage door operation with a door opener remote

Replacing and painting it might be a good idea.

Steel doors will usually rust and can be cleaned and repainted.


A clean garage door helps improve your curb appeal.

If you are planning to sell out your house, note that most home buyers will judge your house from outside.

Regular cleaning, lubricating, and painting will make it not look so much like a chore, but a responsibility.