Garage Door Buying Guide

Garage Door Buying Guide

Are you looking to upgrade or install a new garage door? Well, you might require some help deciding what to choose. There are lots of garage doors with more customizations than you can imagine. The customization part will depend on your taste. What you are here for is the garage door. What garage door should you choose? There is so much to think about when deciding the garage door of your choice. You will have to think of some factors such as the material used to make the door, the style, the durability, and accessibility. Let us have a look at all these to give you a glimpse of what you will be getting.

Which Material

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Choosing the material is the most crucial part of this process. This is what will determine the cost, the durability, and the maintenance required by the door. Different materials are used to make garage doors. The commonly used materials are wood, aluminum, steel, glass, and fiberglass. All these materials have areas where they shine as well as the areas where they perform poorly. Let us start with wood.

Wood garage doors

Doors are very classy, and they are known for their beauty. Once installed, they take the appearance to the next level. Aesthetics is where they shine. When it comes to durability, you cannot rely on these doors. This is because they are fragile when exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain, hails, and storms. Once they are exposed to water, they start to rot, and this calls for so much maintenance fee. You will also need to paint the doors now and then to keep them appealing.

Aluminum garage doors

The wood garage doors, I would prefer the aluminum. This is because these doors are more durable than the wood doors. They can withstand the harsh weather conditions but may also struggle with strong winds. The strong winds may bend the aluminum. These doors are not as attractive as the wood doors but are cost-friendly.

Steel garage doors

Are you looking for a cheaper, beautiful and yet durable material for your garage, this may be the better option for you. Steel is stronger than aluminum and can withstand the strong winds easily. This material can also be designed to your liking. Although they cannot get to the beauty level of wood, they always get the job done. The steel garage doors also require very little maintenance.

Glass garage doors

Get this on your garage, you will spend more, but you will get the classy look that you were after. Glass gives everything the premium feel but takes away the privacy. This can enhance insecurity since everyone can see through. Glass will also mean a lot of care to prevent breakage. The glass used is very thick and durable but you never want to risk. These doors are not very durable.

Fiberglass garage doors

Fiberglass is lightweight, and this makes the installation very easy. The light weight also helps the door open silently and close itself. Fiberglass is also known to be resistant to moisture, warping, change in humidity, and insects. The weaknesses include fiber being a bad insulator. They allow heat to go through which may bring discomfort. This material is also not as durable as steel.

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Which Style

Style is all about the appeal. The appearance matters a lot to every homeowner. To ensure that your home is presented the way you expect, you should be very wise in choosing. You should get a garage door that can be customized to your liking. By this, I mean the door should match the patterns on the windows and other doors. This will create uniformity, which is the basis of aesthetics. You can try art with the doors, modern or traditional patterns,  or leave them clean. These can, with rough or smooth designs. About the customizations, it is always about your taste.


Since the garage will be accessed very much, the door should be very durable and easy to open. The door should also fit the garage opening while leaving enough space to open and close the door. The opening style of the door should also be chosen wisely. Some designs are hard to operate and maintain. The different styles include roll-up, slide to the side, sectional, tilt-up canopy, tilt-up retractable, and side hinged garage doors. You should make sure you choose an opening style that will work with garage door openers and motion-controlled sensors.

With this little knowledge, you should be able to buy the right garage door that suits your needs.