Garage Door Insulation

The Right Garage Door Insulation Company In Raleigh.

Door insulation is a perfect way to complete the door installation process. With the different materials used in installation of garage door, it is important for a person to consider insulating the garage doors to enhance their efficiency. Some individuals may neglect garage door insulation saying it is too expensive, not considering the advantages that come along with it. However, Controlling the temperature inside the garage is important to prevent overheating and freezing. This saves on energy. Also, it cuts down on the furnace and air conditioner units that strive the house temperatures. A good garage door screen equally provides a barrier to noise from the environment. It also provides comfort to the garage owner by ensuring conducive environment and adding beauty to your garage door.

The Best Garage Door Insulation Company.

When looking for a company to offer you with garage door insulation services, Reliable Garage Door Company is the best solution. With the ultimate goal of serving our customers and ensuring that their experiences are pleasant, we ensure 100% customers satisfaction. With more than a thousand successful projects, the company is an assurance of quality products. Moreover, great professional workmanship, helps provide timely, friendly, cost effective and satisfactory services.

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At Reliable Garage Door Company, we offer different types of insulation services depending on the types of garage doors. Some of these types include:

Batt Insulation

This type of insulation helps to prevent air and vapor from entering the garage. It’s a flexible type of insulation using fiberglass on the exterior walls. Paper and foil are put together into the insulation to act as a barrier to the vapor and air.

Foam board garage door insulation

It involves the use of rigid panels of polystyrene with aluminum or vinyl. This provides high value garage door insulation for small thickness often ranging from half to one inc

Reflective insulation

Highly reflective aluminum foil on one or both sides of the rigid boards  either cardboard or polyethylene bubbles. This type of insulation best suits garages that tend to heat up during hot climates, since it reflects radiant heat.

At Reliable Garage Door Company, we are careful to ensure that the type of garage door insulation matches the type of the material used to make the garage door. Steel garage doors can accommodate any type of insulation, wooden garage doors work best with foam board insulation, while the foam board and reflective insulation best suit flat garage doors.

Selecting the Best Garage Door Insulation Material.

When selecting an insulating material, it is important to research about the insulating material and determine its effectiveness. Some properties to consider include:

The weight of the insulating material.

The weight of the material should be sufficient. Extra weight is bound to affect the operation of door spring, reducing their efficiency. After the insulation, re-balancing of the door spring helps prevent garage door failure.

The R-value.

This is the materials rating according to its effectiveness. Taking into consideration the type of doors you have and the weight factor, we advise that the material with the highest R-value rating to complete the process.

The type kit.

The type of insulation kit to use for insulation is another factor we consider since there are a variety of kits to choose from. The size of the door helps to determine the type of kit to use. A kit is best suited for for small doors unlike bigger garage doors since the materials may not be enough to complete the work. We also ensure that the kits we use indicate its thermal performance so as to ensure it is effective enough.

The type of the door and the costs.

If you had previous garage door insulation, then you only need it redone. There is no need to buy a new or different kit. However, if your garage door is worn-out more costs in buying the materials is a possibility.

 Our Core Values.

At Reliable Garage Door Services we consider the type of garage door insulation our customer require. Different doors require different insulation. Could be the aim of a customer is to reduce the amount of heat in the garage. The type of insulation will be different from the one for reducing cold or facilitating warmth in the garage.

We offer 24/7 services to our customers thus Contact us any time you need our help regarding garage door insulation, installation or even repairs for garage doors. Our employees are adequately trained to ensure that our services leave you fully content.