Garage Door Opener Installation

Fast and Reliable Garage Door Opener Installation NYC.

The heart of any garage door is the garage door opener. The garage door is a crucial part of the garage door that is easily overlooked. It consists of many parts that work together in relative motion to open and close your garage door. The garage door operates at its maximum capacity if the garage door opener is fully efficient. For the garage door opener to work properly, the input of a technician who is well skilled in garage door opener installation cannot be exempted. That is why specialists from Reliable Garage Door Services are readily available for you to help in the installation of the garage door opener.

Before selecting the type of garage door opener to buy, there are a few factors to consider. They include;

Power rating

Select a garage door opener that can be accommodated in your home’s power budget. From the wide variety of gate openers in the market, there must be one that suits your home. Experts from Reliable Garage Door Services will offer advice on the best model to use with your gate.

Drive mechanism

To select the mechanism, you need to consider the location of the garage and the amount of noise that the premise can accommodate. If the garage is not attached to the home, Reliable Garage Door Services experts recommend the use of a chain drive opener. However, if there are rooms above the garage, or it is attached to the house, the belt drive is the option suggested. It is also more silent than the chain drive. The mechanism you choose to use for your garage door opener should also be able to fit into your budget.


If you are looking for a smart garage door opener or the non-smart ones, there are different options to choose from. The smart gates allow you to monitor the activities of your garage door from your smartphone, laptop or computer. The non-smart gates also have the advantage of being free from stray signals.


If your garage door is the main entry point to your home, it should be operational at all times. When choosing the garage door you want to install, the options are endless. At Reliable Garage Door Services, we recommend the ones with battery backup. This gives you access to your home even during power shortages.

The garage door opener you select for your garage door plays a critical role in your house. Since it has an incorporated light, it can be used as a source of light for your garage. This saves on the energy consumption in your house. A garage door opener is also primarily installed to ease the process of lifting and closing the garage door. The garage door opener adds to the convenience of having a garage door. It allows you to use the least amount of time to open and close the door.

Why Choose Us for Garage Door Opener Installation in NYC.

Our employees are reliable, keen to ensure that they do not damage your garage door during the installation. Experts from Reliable Garage Door Services create a friendly environment of work with the client. This is fundamental in quality service delivery. They are also thorough with their work. They are trained to address all issues that may be encountered during the garage door opener installation process.

Reliable, efficient and highly qualified staff is our pride.

State of the art equipment to make sure that the work is done to perfection is the cream. At Reliable Garage Door Services, we offer labor and hardware warranty. The warranty lasts for one year. During this period, any issues arising from poor workmanship or hardware failure are taken care of at the company’s budget.

Final Thought.

It is evident that a garage door opener not only makes the whole opening and closing of the garage door process easier but also improves the convenience of your garage door. Having one is an added bonus to your home. The installation, however, needs to be done by a professional. At Reliable Garage Door Services, we not only provide the garage door openers but also the manpower to professionally install it for you. We are reliable, efficient and affordable.

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