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Garage Door Installation

A garage door often increases the curb appeal of your home, the value of the house and most importantly, the level of security of your home or commercial space. Therefore, when you decide to install one, it is important that you understand the weight of the decision you are about to make. Purchasing a garage door should not and should never be taken lightly. Dependability, quality of the installation service, the product excellence and visual appeal are some of the considerations to bear in mind. Before settling on a garage door, make sure you consult an expert regarding the type, size and material of door to install. In Anderson Heights, Reliable Garage Door Services is the best garage door installation service provider.

Types of Garage Doors

We install different types of garage doors. Depending on the space you have in your home or property, you can choose from:

According to material

  • ¬†Wooden garage doors

At Reliable Garage Door Services, make wooden garage doors of any size. We customize our doors for your specific needs. Wooden garage doors always add charm and authenticity to your home. In addition, wooden has higher dent resistance. Also, it requires less repainting and refurbishing. Whether you want a lightweight door filled with foam or heavyweight wood for your garage door, we have got you covered.

  • Steel garage doors

If you are looking for a garage door that requires little maintenance, then steel doors are the best solutions. Since steel does not rust, you incur fewer costs maintaining the door. Reliable Garage Door Services offers steel gates with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, we provide the lamination and insulation for your steel garage door, enabling you to save on energy bills and keep your home warmer.

  • Aluminium garage doors

Aluminium garage doors add to the curb appeal of any home. With an authentic look, you can have a custom made garage door for your home. These types of gates do not wrap, expand when exposed to moisture or rot. Despite all the favorable properties, aluminium garage doors absorb heat. Consequently, your energy bills increase when you start conditioning your home and garage.

  • Glass garage doors

These doors often make the room seem larger. However, despite the glass is thick and strong, it is not as durable. In harsh weather conditions like storms, chips will scratch the glass. Also, cracks will form over time due to exposure to the ever changing weather in Anderson Heights.

According to how they open

  1. Tilt-up garage doors

These garage doors open by tilting up and into your garage. There are several types of tilt-up garage doors. They include the tilt-up canopy garage door that has a pivoting mechanism. Hence, when opening, the door tilts upwards and slides into the garage parallel to the ceiling. The other type is the tilt-up retractable garage door. This type of garage door tilts up and slides into the garage. Therefore, there is no part that protrudes when fully opened. It takes up a lot of space compared to the canopy garage door.

  1. Roll up garage doors

During installations, the garage door has a round barrel placed above the garage door opening, on the inside of the garage. When opening the door, the metal, usually made of horizontal slats curve and bend on the barrel. When closing, the barrel moves in the opposite direction, unfolding the metal.

  1. Sectional garage doors

The door panel is made up of sections held together by hinges. The hinges then allow the garage door to bend, consequently opening and closing it. When opening, the door runs straight along the wall to the top of your garage door opening space. Then, it turns and runs parallel to the ceiling.

Why Reliable Garage Door Services?

When installing a garage door, it is important that you use a reliable company for the job. In Anderson Heights, we have established a reputable name for ourselves. From the friendly staff, we have to high quality garage doors we install, you can be sure to find something for your home with us. Additionally, we use high quality accessories that see to it your garage door lasts longer and performs the best.

If you want a garage door installed, then you are in the right place. We are affordable and offer reliable garage door services. Call us today for impeccable services and beautiful garage doors anywhere in Anderson Heights,NC