Garage Door Opener in Avent West, NC

Garage Door Installation

 If you looking for a garage door installation service, then you probably want a service provider who complies to the federal, state and local codes, with full insurance on the services they provide. Additionally, you might prefer a company that specializes in both industrial and residential installations. Furthermore, with certification from both IDA and IDEA and other experts with the latest industry trends, the company you hire to install your garage door should have the technical know-how and knowledge of the products they are installing.

That is why at Reliable Garage Door Services, you can rely on us to deliver quality services in Avent West, NC.

Types of Garage Doors we install

We have different types of garage doors that can easily improve the curb appeal and security of your home.

Depending on how they open, we have roll-up garage doors, sectional garage doors, slide to the side garage doors, side hinged garage doors and the tilt-up garage doors.

Depending on the material, we have wood, steel, aluminium, fiberglass and glass garage doors. All the garage doors have different properties. From resistance to dents, low maintenance, resistance to rotting, authentic looks, resistance to rusting and strength. Depending on the combination of properties you want, at Reliable Garage Door Services, we can customize any garage door you want.

Accessories for garage door installations

At Reliable Garage Door Services, we install high quality garage doors. Charm and authenticity is our selling point. However, to achieve this level of quality, we ensure that all our garage doors have the best and top-grade accessories.  We have the best garage door seals, all top, bottom, side weather seals that work great for the winter and summer. If you want rubber, vinyl or brush seals, call us.


Torsion springs, spring cones, spring anchor brackets, and blocking are also some of what we supply. In addition, we use the best garage door bottom fixtures. If you need your garage door motorized, we have the perfect motors, springs, openers and remote systems to make your work a lot easier.

Why choose Reliable Garage Door Services?

Hiring Reliable Garage Door Services has its perks. Not only do you get to enjoy professional services but also get the work done faster. More reasons include:

We are all about custom-made doors

When you choose Reliable Garage Door Services to install your garage door, you choose yourself. We add a personal touch to the door. This way, you get to express your taste and preference to others. With high quality material, we make garage doors that suit your home and fulfills all the needs it should.

We save you valuable time

By hiring an expert, you get to save time. A lot of garage door companies will get the work done fast. However, at Reliable Garage Door Services, we put in everything we have got to ensure that we get it right the first time. Therefore, you do not have to worry about spending more time repairing the garage door soon after installation.

You stand to receive expert services

At Reliable Garage Door Services, all our employees undergo an intensive training exercise to learn not only how to install garage doors, but also communicate with clients. Thus, when you choose us, you get the guarantee that we will install your door expertly. We will walk with you through every step until you have a fully operational garage door.

We are affordable for you

Regardless of the service you need, whether a garage door remote, opener or springs installed, we have got it all covered.  Since we make our garage doors, our services are cheaper compared to other garage door service providers. Also, due to the fact that we are operating from Avent West, we are close to you. Anywhere in Avent West, you can call us and expect cheap reliable garage door installation services.

We insure and bond our employees and projects

Are you worried about damage on your property during the installation of the garage door? If so, then when making the lifetime investment of installing a garage door, then, Reliable Garage Door Services is the right people to partner with. We are keen about the safety of your property. Therefore, in case of any mistakes or accidents, we cover it to ensure that you incur no more expenses.

In conclusion,

Garage doors are important when you want to keep your vehicle safe. Also, when you plan to manage the energy bills in your home or expand some room, then a garage door fulfills these purposes efficiently. Therefore, when you choose to invest in one, make the right choice, right from the installation company. Reliable Garage Door Services offers impeccable services like no other in the industry. call us today and experience professionalism.