Garage Door Opener in Belvidere Park, NC

Garage Door Installation

At Reliable Garage Door Services, we have certification from the International Door Association. Therefore, when working with us, you not only get the guarantee of professionalism but also quality services.  At Reliable Garage Door Services, we deal with residential garage doors, carriage doors, rolling steel doors, commercial garage doors and much more. Our experts put in the effort to ensure that we deliver the industry’s highest standards and the IDA’s code of conduct. We understand the importance of the garage door in your residential or commercial space. Whether you want to improve the curb appeal of your home, improve the level of security, save energy or increase efficiency in your home, then you are in the right place. Reliable Garage Door Services is reputable for providing durable, reliable and high quality gates in Belvidere Park, NC.

Types of doors that Reliable Garage Door Services

There are many types of doors. Depending on the size, material or opening and closing mechanism, you can choose the type of door you want in your home from a wide selection. At Reliable Garage Door Services, we install a wide range of garage doors.

According to material

    • Wooden garage doors

    These doors often add charm and authenticity to your home. Since wood is readily available, at Reliable Garage Door Services, we customize our wooden garage doors for our clients depending on the style, size, and type of wood they want. Although the wooden garage doors have higher resistance to dents, they require much more maintenance as they are susceptible to rotting and termite attacks.

    • Steel garage doors

    If you forego wood, then steel is your metal of choice. It requires very little maintenance, especially if you settle on installing stainless steel garage doors. Additionally, steel is relatively inexpensive and tough. However, if you settle on bare steel, it rusts, requiring prompt touch up of the scratches. Also, steel dents easily.

    • Aluminium garage doors

    Heavy-duty extruded frames and dent resistant laminated panels are quickly replacing the old model doors. For the relatively inexpensive aluminium doors, materials such as high-density polyethene make the frames and panels.

    • Glass garage doors

    These are a bit more contemporary compared to the other types of doors. Although they are classy and strong due to the thick glass, you are not necessarily safe. Everyone can take a glimpse into your home. Additionally, it does not match the durability of steel, wood or aluminium.

According to how they open

Sectional garage doors

The garage door has sections which are held together by hinges. These hinges allow the door to bend, which in effect opens the garage door. It moves up to the level of the garage door opening then bends and runs parallel to the ceiling. It then opens allowing entry and exit into the garage.

Roll-up garage doors

When opening a roll-up garage door, it rolls on a round barrel found above the garage door opening. The garage door has horizontal slats that allow it to curve around the barrel, hence opening the door.

Slide to the side garage door

Rather than bending upwards or running parallel to the ceiling, the slide to the side garage doors bend on one side and run parallel to the wall. The door has rails and wheels installed to allow for the sliding of the garage door to the side.

Side hinged garage doors

It is also known as the swing door. Rather than having hinges between sections, side hinged garage doors have hinges on its sides. The hinges allow the door to swing open rather than upwards or to the side.

Why Reliable Garage Door Services?

When choosing the company to install your garage door, ensure that you have the right style, make, material and size of the door you want. Once that is out of the way, look for a company that will supply the door with all the details you asked for. Whether they purchase or customize the door for you, you want your taste to be described by the garage door you install. At Reliable Garage Door Services, you do not have to worry about the details of your door. Once you have settled for one, we will make it in our workshops to fit all your needs and specifications and deliver it anywhere in Belvidere Park, NC