Garage Door Installation in Glenwood South, NC

Garage Door Installation in Glenwood South, NC

Garage door owners tend to overlook the installation stage of garage doors. This is where you go wrong. The life of a garage door depends on its installation. This isn’t only about the door itself but also its accessories. The main accessories in a garage door are the springs and the openers. These three components work together to give you success and expected service. For this reason, a mistake in installation becomes a risk on the durability of the garage door. In the last decade, garages have made a cut in the economic world. This has led to growth of companies dealing with them. Reliable Garage Door Services is here to make sure your garage door installations in Glenwood South, NC are handled the right way.


We, Reliable Garage Door Services, are dealers in garage doors installation in Glenwood South, NC. Our work surpasses the ordinary and for this reason, our customer base is swelling. We have technicians well trained to handle installation services. Our doors come in different sizes, designs and colors. We go a mile further to customize our products according to our customer specifications. This helps us deliver exactly what our clients need. Our ultimate goal is to meet our customer needs to the latter. All our garage doors narrow down to these materials; iron, wood, aluminum and steel. The weight and strength of every material is distinct and we offer advice before installation. We also offer free transport for our first time customers. Our services are quality and our prices are pocket friendly.


The success of any garage door hinges on the opener behind the scenes. If the door opener is efficient, the garage door’s response is pleasing. Our garage door openers come in many varieties. We classify them according to the manner in which they operate. We give details to our customers to help them decide the best for their homes or workplaces. The main classes of garage door openers are chain driven, belt driven and screw driven. Their names suggest what they utilize to operate the trolley that opens and closes the door. We have automatic openers that you can operate remotely. This means you can operate your garage door while seated inside your car. It saves you time and effort thus proving more efficient compared to manual garage door openers. For any garage door installation service in Glenwood South, NC, we have your back.


 It’s worth noting that the springs keep the door in balance and helps in its smooth operation. Garage door springs come in two major classes; extension springs and torsion springs. These spring types are all at our possession and we are happy to install them for you. We have specially trained personnel to handle all types of garage door installations in Glenwood South, NC including spring installation. The easiest way to identify a broken spring is to check the door alignment. If one spring breaks, it’s just a matter of time until the other breaks. This is especially if the springs were installed together. We inspect the doors during installation to determine the size of springs that match the doors. We use large springs for heavy doors and small ones for small doors. This ensures the life of the spring is lengthy as first intended.


Efficiency is what we seek most when we are installing a garage door. You want to stay assured that your premises is secure even when you are away. We have some good news for you. With Liftmaster technology installed in your garage door, you can monitor the state of your home from wherever you are. You can use your phone to open and close your gate or even turn on your security lights. Even more, you can see whoever tries to get into your compound. Be a part of this new invention by calling us for quality garage door installation services in Glenwood South, NC today.


Our garage doors springs come in different sizes. We know the best quality springs for commercial services. We are also aware that commercial garage doors are busier compared to residential garage doors. Our teams have the right exposure to handle garage door springs. We, Reliable Garage Door Services ensure that you have the right information on handling the doors. Different spring sizes support different weights. If you use springs that aren’t proportional to the door size and weight, maintenance calls will be earlier than expected.