Garage Door Installation in Wake Forest, NC

Garage Door Installation in Wake Forest, NC

Garage Door Installation, Wake Forest, NC

Garage Door Installation

Is your garage door faulty? Are the garage door openers worn out? Do you need the springs and cables replaced? Do you have sudden garage door breakdowns? Are you wondering on whom to call for quality garage door repair? No need to worry. Reliable Garage Door Services has your back. Dealing with any garage door problem is our primary speciality. With many years of delivering different garage door services to our clients, our skills and knowledge in solving garage door problems have increased. We have a team of highly trained experts, all with licensed and certified, insured and bonded. This makes them the perfect people to trust with your garage door problems. The quality of the services we offer to all our happy clients gives us all very positive reviews which show we are reliable and competent in what we do. Below are the repair services that we offer.


The optimal working condition of the garage door cables is not a choice. These cables play the primary role of the actual raising and lowering the garage door. If they are faulty in any way or broken, they expose to significant health hazards. Therefore, it is good to check them from time to time for excellent functionality. At Reliable Garage Door Services, our experts are whizzes in repairing and replacing worn out cables. If you find your garage door sagging on one of its sides or operating slower than it usually does, it is the high time that made us call for our quick and reliable repair services


For a smooth running of your garage door, the rollers and tracks should be fit in the way they function. If your garage door proves to be somehow more demanding in its movement than usual, it is most likely that the rollers are faulty. This can happen if the rollers are broken or are out of the tracks. While it is a surprising malfunction due to the heavy weight of the garage door, it needs very urgent attention before anyone gets hurt. Replacing the rollers seem like a simple task one can carry out on themselves except that you need to know the diameter and the weight your garage door need to raise and lower smoothly. For this reason call Reliable Garage Door Services is wise. We know the exact rollers that fit a garage door and thereby making us the best solution for your issue.


Thanks to technology advancements, the security of our homes are at the palms of our hands. You can access your home garage door using your smartphone. Open and close the garage door from wherever you are and ever turn on the security lights. With the Liftmaster tech, all this is possible. All you need is to have it installed at your garage door and install the Liftmaster app in your phone and link them. However, the Liftmaster can get faulty and require some repair at some time. For its restoration, you need someone who is always at par with the advancements in the garage door world. At Reliable Garage Door Services, we make it our duty to have all details about these advancements, the Liftmaster tech being one of them. All you need is to call us.


If you still get out of your vehicle to open and close your garage door every time you need to park, you are not yet there. Get to enjoy all the convenience by having a remotely operated garage door. With a push of a button, the garage door opens, and in another, the garage door closes. However, for this to happen, programming the remote is essential for so that the garage door can read it signals. Also when used for a long time, the remote batteries die and require some new ones. Besides, the remote itself can spoil and need some repair. All these are services that Reliable Garage Door Services can render. With full knowledge about the different garage door remotes that exist, all these issues are not too big for them to handle. We also have an array of remotes you can choose from, all of outstanding quality.