Garage Door Installation in Wendell, NC

Garage Door Installation in Wendell, NC

Technological growth makes life way simpler for those embracing it. Vehicle owners especially have their life more convenient with the ability to control access to garages. There are garage doors automatically triggered by vehicle headlamps. This way, the driver doesn’t have to step outside the vehicle to access the garage. In addition, you can access other garage doors remotely from a smart phone or a computer. Reliable Garage Door Services provides these types of services to make sure you live your life to maximum enjoyment with minimum effort. Over the years, we have been delivering garage door installation services in Wendell, NC and customer feedbacks are catalyzing our deliveries. We would welcome the chance to take you to the next face of technology. We won’t just provide installation services but also repair and maintenance.


We don’t just do garage door installation in Wendell, NC, but also invest in them. Garage door services being our bone of contention, we have the best products and services. Our team has skilled personnel with expertise to handle garage door related issues. We also offer advice to customers who can’t figure out the garage door that suits their needs best. Orientation is given to customers during installation to help prevent unnecessary damage of equipment while operating. This helps to ensure the products give years of service without demanding attention for repair. We also install the garage doors at a cost friendly price to ensure we mind our customers’ budget. After installation, we conduct fixed routine maintenance to make sure our products are in good working conditions. This is usually more or less inspection. During this time we repair or replace broken parts leaving the garage door good as new.


Our products vary in size, color, design, material and operability (Manual and automatic). We deliver products based on customer needs. Our garage doors are of wood, iron, aluminum and steel materials. In places with a high level of humidity, steel is the best choice since it’s resistant to rust. Wood also could come in handy but would rot due to the water. If the customer chooses according to weight, aluminum and wood are recommendable for lightness. The garage doors also vary in colors. Our varieties of colors depend on where we are going to install the garage door. We paint the garage doors in a way that helps to blend in their environment. Also, apart from garage door installation in Wendell, NC, we also install garage door accessories e.g. openers. They are the most vital components in operation of a garage door.


Attending to emergencies is also part of our garage door installation in Wendell, NC. We provide our customers with emergency hotlines. This helps them to call us in case of emergencies. Our team of technicians works around the clock every day of the week to enable quick response. There’s really no point of doing maintenance if products used for repair are poor in quality. Eventually they will spoil again and will require maintenance services once more. In the long run, this proves more expensive. We have service vehicles used by our professionals to navigate the areas we operate in. This helps to avoid time wastage.


We are aware that garage doors are subject to damage. Cables, springs, openers, rollers, nuts and bolts could break or wear out. When this happens, we expect phone calls. We have a team of skilled persons who pay visits to our customers. During maintenance, we repair broken parts and replace the worn out. Opener drives are the most vulnerable parts in a garage door. The doors using belt drives wear out quickly and thus require time to time repair and replacement. We recommend chain drives due to their durability. They help to reduce the cost of maintenance compared to other opener drive types. Doors implementing screw drives are better than belt drives and the resulting noise is relatively low. The cost of maintenance depends on the type of opener drive you choose. We also lubricate moving parts and also repaint surfaces prone to rust.

The fate of your security inclines sizably on your garage door. The more stable your garage door, the more secure your vehicle is. Reliable Garage Door Services is here to provide you with durable products to help you manage your budget. Call us anytime or visit our offices for garage door installation in Wendell, NC, or for more information.