Garage Door Spring Repair

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A garage door is a significant part of any home. It is usually installed to help keep a home safe. It boosts the level of security in a home. Moreover, it adds to the value of the home. It is also installed to help the homeowner improve the efficiency in his home. It is clear that having an operating door is important. The garage door not only needs to be operational but also have constant maintenance. This is to guarantee that it is always in its best performance.

Garage Door Spring Repair Service in The Triangle Area.

In order to pull off maximum efficiency, the garage door springs need repairing and maintenance. At Reliable Garage Door Services, we provide professional garage door Installation & Repair. We understand that your garage door is of great importance. We take our job with as much weight as you do.

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There are two main types of garage door springs.

Extension springs

When at rest, it closes the garage door. It works by counterbalancing the garage door weight. It holds the components together. When the garage door is open, it automatically closes it through tensional forces.

Torsion springs

Unlike the extension springs, the torsion springs add some lifting power to the garage door motor to help in lifting. Consequently, saving energy for the motor.

The garage door springs are part of the door. They ease the opening and closing of the garage door. Although they are quite long-lasting, they are the most likely to break. Garage door spring repair should, therefore, be done as soon as the problem is identified.

Sometimes it is hard to know when to conduct a garage door spring repair. With a little insight, you can be on the lookout for any signs and call us to repair your garage door springs.

Signs that your garage door spring needs repairing


The garage door spring acts as a balancing tool for the garage door. A balanced garage door opens and closes with ease. If you have problems opening and closing your garage door, then there is a likelihood that the garage door springs are faulty. When this happens, you know it’s time to call experts from Reliable Garage Door Services to carry out the garage door spring repairs.


Springs operate with moving parts. They are therefore bound to wear out with time. If your springs make a lot of noise when opening and closing, then it is time to repair them. Usually, lubricating the spring does the trick. Sometimes, however, if the squeaking continues, you can consult the professional at Reliable Garage Door Services for advice on more maintenance techniques.

Lack of safety cables

Extension springs, if in use, require additional safety cables. These cables provide additional support for the garage door. Their absence means that in case of a spring failure, the door can fall on someone. In order to avoid the catastrophe, the cables are attached.

At Reliable Garage Door Services, we have a team of extensively experienced technicians. They know their way in and out the garage door springs. Over the years, we have conducted hundreds of successful garage door spring repairs.

We specialize in;


This involves selecting the best compatible lubricant for your door spring. We then carry out the lubrication and tests to ensure that the value for your money is attained.


When the garage door is out of balance, it can be because there is a misalignment of the springs. We adjust the tension in the spring. This restores balance and the springs work better.


Loose screws and nuts near the garage door spring are hazardous. They can cause the door to fall and hurt someone. We, therefore, take the initiative to save the accidents by offering our garage door spring repair services.

Why Call For Professional Garage Door Spring Repair;

Repairing the garage door on your own can also be ideal. You, however, face some risks. You can find it really hard to locate the problem with your springs. Others find it exhausting to select the type of springs to replace with. In some instances, you might end up locking yourself in or out of your garage. These dangers can be avoided. Choosing the right group of experts to carry out your garage door spring repairs is a step in the right direction.

At Reliable Garage Door Services, we offer garage door spring repair services at affordable prices. Our team of specialists goes all the way to ensure that your experience with the garage door spring repair is smooth. We also deliver the services on time as we value the security of your home.