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A garage door goes up and down a couple of times usually on a daily basis. Thus, the moving parts in the system tend to wear and tear. Consequently, causing a breakdown and great inconvenience to you. If the garage door isn’t opening properly, the biggest suspect is usually the door springs. When the spring is broken, the garage door cannot go up or down on its own. Getting a professional to handle your garage door springs repair in Raleigh is usually the best way to handle this sort of situation.

All About Garage Door Springs Repair in Raleigh.

Choosing the right professional for your garage door springs repair makes all the difference. At Reliable Garage Door Services, we understand all the issues that could be a problem to your garage door. Even more, we are experts in different garage door components, making operations flawless.Call us today for expert garage door springs repair in Raleigh. In fact, we are the best garage door company in Raleigh.

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Understanding Garage Door Springs.

Typically, a spring can last about 10,000 cycles. A cycle being the door going up and down one time. In such cases, both springs need to be replaced even if the other one is completely functional since both have about the same lifespan, you can bet the other one isn’t far off. Essentially, there are two types of garage door springs; the extension and torsion springs.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are usually located above horizontal tracks on the sides of the door. For residential purposes, many people prefer this type of spring for their garages. To open the garage door, this spring extends creating a force to counterbalance the force to open the door. The more force on the door, the more the spring expands thus pulling the door up. Bringing the door down is results fromngs contracting. For safety purposes, the extension spring should be coupled with safety cables so that in the event of an accident such as the spring breaking, the spring won’t become a projectile and hurt someone.

Torsion springs

Whereas their extension counterparts leverage spring extension and contraction to raise garage doors, this one uses torque. In fact, this spring is attached above the garage door so that when it twists and coils slowly, the door can raise and fall depending on the direction of the motor. These types of springs come in different variants involving different wire lengths and sizes.

Which one is better for me?

Extension springs are quite cheap. For this reason, they are a favorite for garage door springs solution when it comes to residential properties. However, they come with a lot of exposed parts making them dangerous without additional safety precautions.

In contrast, the torsion spring is stronger, able to support a lot more weight and have about twice the durability of their counterparts. Since they offer greater overall balance, they make opening and closing the garage door a lot simpler. What’s more, they have fewer exposed parts making them more structurally safe but more expensive.

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Garage door springs repair best practices

Choosing the correct size

Garage doors come in different weights and sizes. Because of that, not all garage door springs can serve all doors. Choosing the correct one will help in attaining a proper balance in the system. You might not be able to tell which door springs is best for your garage, but a professional would. Getting a certified professional to look at your garage door beforehand as well as considering garage door springs repair in Raleigh helps. At Reliable Garage Door Services, we will explain to you the various springs available, their pros and cons and their experiences with such springs.


Safety should be at the forefront of every garage door springs repair in Raleigh. Not only do these springs pose a threat to people if left carelessly, they can also destroy property such as the car. A professional will perform a safety check of the spring and garage door as a whole and recommend fixes where safety precautions are found lacking.


During the on-site inspection and during the repair process, our highly trained staff not only maintain a high level of professionalism, but also ensure that the job is done right. Most of our recommendations are word of mouth and we love keeping it like that.

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What will it cost to repair my garage door springs?

Our store provides more than thirty types of garage door springs and other accompanying garage door accessories. A price quote is the best way to learn how much resources the repair will need. Luckily, we provide free price quotes where our technician comes to the premises and assess the door size, weight and type of spring needed. The professional will take all the required measurements and show you how much funds to allocate for your garage door springs repair in Raleigh. Contact us today for the most affordable garage door services over and beyond Raleigh.