Lubricate A Squeaky Garage Door

How to lubricate a squeaky garage door by yourself?

Are you tired of working with a noisy garage door?

Squeaking garage doors can bring a lot of annoyance to not only you but also your neighbors.

Can I fix the screeching garage door by myself?

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This has been a prevalent question with many garage owners.

The most fortunate thing is with the right tools; the associated task can always be easy.

What does a squeaky garage door mean?

There may be many reasons leading to a squeaky garage door.

All you should know is it is a sign you need to lubricate your door.

With lubrication, it may sound an easy task, but it is always a daunting process since it is always hard to access the specific parts producing the screeching sound.

This means without the right tools and the knowledge on how to go about the process, it can always be challenging.

To get ready for the task, below are some takeaway notes.

Always choose the right lubricant

A significant mistake people make is choosing the wrong lubricant.

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Just as the saying goes, “cheap is expensive,” some people are always after lower prices but end up using more.

They always opt for WD-40 to lubricate the moving parts of their doors.

This lubricant works best as a water and oil repellant spray, and all it does is prevent the much-needed grease from sticking to the required parts.

With this well stated, lithium or silicone-based lubricants always stands as the best spray as it will provide a much thicker coating that will stick into the required parts for a longer period.

Mind about your safety

Before initiating any lubrication process, always ensure the environment you are working in is safe.

This will require a few steps including;

  • Ensuring the area is well lit.
  • Ensure you can safely and easily reach all the moving parts with the use of a ladder.

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Other than the two safety measures mentioned above, it is advisable to ensure your door is disconnected from the automatic opener.

This measure will help prevent anyone from accidentally opening the door while working on it.

All garage doors have a rope with a handle hanging downwards from the opener.

A gentle pull of the handle will help disengage the motor.

Lubricating the moving parts

Step 1: Inspection

Using a ladder, you will be required to access the hinges, door tracks, wheels, and the opening mechanism of your door.

The inspection process is considered vital since you will be able to note any piece of machine that is broken or worn out.

While undertaking this process, ensure the wheels of your door do not wobble.

Be sure also to check whether the accumulation of debris is causing the noise.

After the inspection, be sure to clean the area as much as possible.

Step 2: Tighten the Nuts

Lubricate A Squeaky Garage Door
Tune ups and maintenance will keep your door as good as new.

Throughout the process, a socket wrench will be an essential tool as it will help tighten any loose nut.

As this is important, avoid overtightening the hinges as they need some play.

More to this, if you come across a damaged hinge, be sure to replace it.

Step 3: Clean the metallic parts

One of the significant reasons of the noise from your garage door is rust and corrosion.

With a suitable spray solvent, you will be sure to fight this.

Step 4: Lubricate the metal parts

All the metallic moving parts on your garage door should be lubricated.

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This should include the roller bearings, the tracks, hinges, opening mechanism, and the springs.

In case the door has a chain, be sure to lubricate it too.

As mentioned earlier, always be cautious of the lubricant you choose.

With this demand, silicone and grease sprays have always been the best options.

More to your selection, ensure the lubricant you choose is best designed for outdoor use.

This way, you will be not only sure to protect your garage door for the future but also ensure extra protection from temperature and humidity.

Lubricating a squeaky garage door is not as daunting as you may be thinking.

All you need is to have the right equipment with you and follow the steps detailed in this article.

The measures will not only leave your door lubricated but also well maintained.