The 6 Types of Garage Doors

How to choose the right garage door for your home and business.

Purchasing a garage door is not an easy decision to make as it may seem. There are various factors to consider when purchasing it. First, you need to know the material of the garage door you want. For this, you need to consider the security and privacy levels, how durable the material is, and its maintenance needs. Also, the amount of space available is a significant aspect to consider to know the opening mechanism of the door you will purchase. There is an array of garage doors based on how they open. They include;

What are the various types of garage doors?

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When Ben wanted to install a garage door in his garage, he had no idea where to start. He was on a quest to improve energy consumption around his house. So, he was looking for the most energy-efficient, long-lasting, and low maintenance garage doors. However, despite all the specs he wanted on his garage door, he did not know which one he wanted. That is when he reached out to us. On asking what he was aiming at, he explained his plan, and we already got the best material for his gate. Now, he wanted to know how the gate would work, from installation to opening. That is where we started the discussion about various gates, based on how they open.

These types vary depending on the headroom space you have in your garage. Also, depending on the number of cars in the garage, you can prefer one to the other. These garage doors include:

Sectional garage doors

The name sectional comes from the physique of this door. A sectional garage door is a combination of many sections held together by hinges. These hinges are the ones that allow the door to bend, and as a result, the door opens. This door moves up in its vertical tracks until they reach the top of the garage door opening. It then starts to bend and run until its parallel to the ceiling and lay on its horizontal tracks.

Roll-up garage doors

As the name suggests, this garage door opens by rolling. It rolls around a barrel located above the door opening inside the garage. The door has horizontal slats that make it possible for the door to curve and bend until it is fully open. Roll-up garage doors are not popular in residential premises. They are instead common in commercial settings and storage units.

Sliding garage doors

This garage door is one of the most tradition garage doors style. These doors open by sliding to their side as opposed to other garage doors that will roll or move upwards to the ceiling. These gates run to one side and open in a way that they are parallel to the wall. This makes them ideal for a garage with a small headroom.

Side-hinged garage doors

Side-Hinged Garage Doors
Installing a wooden double side-hinged garage door. Call us today for repair, installation and maintenance services

Also known as the swing out garage doors, this garage door is classic and will resemble large barn doors when they open and close. Other doors will have their hinges between their sections. For this style, the hinges are on the sides of the doors. Hence the name side hinged garage door. These hinges allow the garage door to swing for it to open and close rather than move up and down. This door can be customized to swing inside or outside your compound when opening.

Tilt-up garage doors

This garage door is a solid piece and does not have sections. It opens by tilting up and into a garage. Tilt-up garage doors come in different types. There is the tilt-up canopy garage door. This is the most popular tilt-up garage door style. It has a hinge mechanism that lifts the door and slides it such that it is parallel to the ceiling of the garage. A small part of the door will extend to the front part of the garage when the door is open. The other type of tilt-up garage door is the tilt-retractable garage door. This one works similarly to the canopy garage door, only that no part extends out from your garage when it opens. The door suspends independently form the frame and therefore requires more space to operate.

Tilt-up garage doors are not common in residential areas. This could be since they are quite expensive to purchase and difficult to operate. They also require much space to function, which many homes will lack.