Types of Garage Doors

What Are The 6 Types Of Garage Doors? (And How To Choose One).

The main doors to your house carry the aesthetic aspect of your house. In many cases, you’ll find the main entrance fitted with a fancy door. Did you know your garage door can cast a shadow on this elegance? This is especially if you have an attached garage. Front facing garage door is the first thing visitors see at the end of the driveway. Additionally, garage doors are wider than house entrance doors. This means they are most likely to be seen first. Your garage therefore requires a garage door that is appealing and safeguarding your property. Here are six types of garage doors to choose from; sectional, roll-up, slide to the side, side hinged, tilt-up canopy and tilt-up retractable.

Sectional Garage Doors

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These doors are unique and stylish through their composition. They are made through panel sections connected to hinges. Typically, their operation is vertical and curve as they go up the vertical panel.

The panel edges are fitted with wheels that roll on a vertical track on either side of the door. Between each panel section are hinges that help to bend over a curved section of the track. This enables the door to be parallel with the ceiling when completely open and parallel to the walls while completely closed.

Above the opening, these doors have two high-tension springs attached to cables. They prevent the door from descending when it’s partially open. Sectional garage doors are so rampant in the United States. They are mostly made from steel for easy customization and low maintenance. Customization includes inserting windows, hardware, different colors and textures.

Roll Up Garage Doors

These are garage doors that you’ll mostly find in commercial contexts. They also have a vertical style of operation. Their advantage is full operation even with limited ceiling space. Above the door opening is a drum that slat sections move around during operation. They have 2”-3” steel slat sections that make them strong and horizontally aesthetic.

You can also call them coiling doors. They can endure heavy usage and high performance without the use of springs. They need to be enclosed to curb rusting, corrosion and freezing. Mathematically, their upfront cost exceeds a sectional design.

Slide To The Side Garage Doors

The name is generic and just as it suggests these doors slide to the side. These doors bend and sit parallel to the walls. This style is among the most ancient and applied to garages with little headroom. These doors use lower trolleys giving flexibility to lower gradients in the floor or ceiling. These doors don’t need springs to balance them and have a built-in retractable motor. This helps to automate its operation thus eliminates the need for a ceiling-mounted operator.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

These doors open just like the normal room-to-room doors in most houses. These doors swing from hinges and are mostly made from wood. In commercial contexts however, there are galvanized-steel doors for better security.

Garages with obstruction or little headroom has increased the popularity for these doors. These doors are bought with steel frames or mounted on existing ones. Most of them are manual but can be automated using special conversion arms.

Tilt-Up And Over Canopy Garage Doors

These doors are made of one solid piece just like side-hinged doors. Their appearance during operation makes them look like a canopy. They are able to tilt inside the garage through a pivoting hinge mechanism. These doors extend past the front of the garage entrance while open. They also become parallel to the garage ceiling while open.

Tilt-Up/Up And Over Retractable Garage Doors

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They are almost similar to the tilt-up canopy design. They are however independent from the frame thus don’t protrude on the front entrance. They also require more space, more expensive and more difficult to operate.

PULS To The Rescue

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