About Reliable Garage Door


The warranty provides a full 5 years of protection against installation defects that impair the proper operation of your door, springs or opener, and prevent it from performing to our standards.

Warranties are not applicable to new construction installations, and do not cover damages caused by the homeowner, weather, normal wear tear or improper use of the garage door and the garage door opener. If anyone other then Reliable Garage Door Services perform repairs on any new installation covered by this warranty, then the warranty no longer applies.


The warranty provides a full 1 year warranty for a complete overhaul repair to an existing garage door springs or opener. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship done by Reliable Garage Doors Services. We will replace any defective part or workmanship at no charge.

If anyone other than Reliable Garage Doors Services works on repaired parts covered by this warranty, then that part is no longer covered under this warranty.
Warranty doesn’t cover any damages caused by home owner, weather, or normal wear and tear.

Service charge may apply.